Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to purchase a previously-owned Porsche? Unless you are a trained Porsche professional, chances are you are taking a risk when purchasing any used (previously owned) Porsche. More so than any other car line, a pre-purchase Porsche inspection can save you thousands of dollars and unnecessary headaches. We provide peace-of-mind to your purchasing process by offering three phases of pre-purchase inspections.

With over 25 years’ experience working on Porsche cars it is often possible for us to tell in a short look whether or not the car in question is worth a longer look. If you bring us an obvious lemon, we can stop here.

This is the standard level of pre-purchase inspection. For this service, we will test drive the car, put it up on a lift, remove the wheels and tires and inspect the brakes and suspension. While we’re doing that we’ll also check the chassis for evidence of crash repair/damage and rust. We will check for leaks, check all fluids, check the operation of all accessories, and check the general running condition of the car. If the car is so equipped, we will check the self-diagnostics of the car with our computer. We will then walk you through the results explaining the potential costs involved with buying that particular car.

This inspection includes everything in the previous phase plus an extended, more aggressive test drive. A compression test and possibly a leak down test. This test is for the customer who wants to know all they can about the car in a short period of time. We strive to be as critical as a concourse judge. At this level, we will check the entire car for every little detail with respect to originality, function, and performance. If you are looking for a perfect, pristine, unmolested example of the model you desire, this is the level of scrutiny you will wish to avail yourself of.