At Eason Auto Works, we pride ourselves on repairing air cooled Porsches the old fashion way. We use the latest computer technology to diagnose engine issues yet provide a personal touch when explaining what needs to be done and doing the actual repair. Some of the projects we’ve done for customers include:

914-4 to 914-6

With the cost of an original 914-6 skyrocketing it is becoming cost effective to build your own conversion. Without the constrictions of maintaining originality, we’re allowed to build the car you really desire. Mild to wild the possibilities are almost limitless.

914 V8

300 or more HP in a 914? Sure, it can be done! We’ve been involved in several of these builds over the years. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. One of these cars built properly can out-drive cars costing 10 times more than the cost of the build.

944 V8

The car Porsche should have built instead of the 928. A car like this will either scare you or give you “perma-grin.”

911RS Clone/Tribute

The classic 911 race/street car. Most people can’t afford a real 911RS. This is a very popular 911 project with an almost unlimited number of choices to build YOUR 911 in the spirit of the Rgruppe.

Engine Upgrades Custom Builds

We can rebuild your engine to any spec desired or we can trade up. A full rebuild on any 911 motor can easily exceed $18K. Why not find a low mileage, higher output motor and put it in your car instead? More HP, modern fuel injection, better readability and fewer emissions.

Some Past Projects:

Projects include:

  • Converting a 914-4 to 914-6
  • Creating a V8 914
  • A 944 V8
  • 911RS clone/tribute
  • Engine upgrades custom builds