The Team



Bill has a formal education from UC Berkeley but found corporate jobs stifling.  He knew he enjoyed the feel of speed and adrenaline and the quality of German engineering.  After college he bounced around a few of the local independent German repair facilities gaining experience and skills.  He has been working professionally on Porsche cars for 25 years.   In 1997 he started Eason Auto Works in a combination loft/work space.  In 2000 he moved to the current location.  In 2005 he bought the location ensuring the shop won’t be going anyplace soon.  Over the course of his career, Bill has worked on almost every Porsche model imaginable and amassed a level of knowledge and experience rarely duplicated.  He takes great pride in being able to diagnose problems that other shops have failed at and providing excellent customer service to his clients.

Alex (Retired)

Alex started out as a DIY customer who brought his 914 in for help with the jobs he couldn’t tackle on his own.  Over time he gained experience and asked to be taken on as a trainee/employee.  Five years later Alex has come a long way. Alex is a free spirit who has a musical career in addition to working at Eason Auto Works.  He works part-time allowing him to play music up and down the west coast at many music festivals and gatherings.  His background is in the restoration of vintage houses which trained him to have some pretty amazing fabricating skills.  Making the transition from houses to cars has allowed him to expand his toolbox and add to his extensive tool collection. Alex’s project car is a 914-4 to 914-6 transplant with a 2.4 MFI motor and 911 suspension with 5 lug Fuchs wheels.

Arndt (Semi-Retired)

With an education in mechanical engineering, computer science, and business administration, Arndt spent most of his career in banking and Silicon Valley’s tech world. But having briefly worked for Porsche Consulting in Germany, he developed an unhealthy obsession over the years and decided to leave tech to work with his hands. He first came to Eason Auto Works for a pre-purchase inspection and when Bill talked him out of the car, he knew that it was the right place to apprentice with.

Arndt joined the team in mid-2017 and has methodically built knowledge around all things air cooled – but what really gets him into the zone is building and hot-rodding 911 motors, diagnosing engine problems, and of course electrical work. Being German, wiring diagrams excite him more than they should. He also does really solid work filling out forms of any kind and horsing around with Ratchet.

His apprentice piece is a 1975 911S in “questionable yellow” that gets driven a lot. He is working on a custom electronic ignition system and a 3.2 short-stroke motor. You can find him out with the community every weekend on the Bay Area’s amazing roads.


Customer service dog.  Ratchet gets his name from both old English folklore and the tool box.  As greeter, he makes certain everyone who comes into the shop gets little dog hair on them.  He’s a rescue who found his way to the shop through a customer.  He’s a great ambassador for both the shop and his breed.  His favorite Porsche is a 944 because that’s the one he’s allowed in but his favorite vehicle is the shop truck.  When he’s not at the shop he prefers hiking in the Oakland hills with “his girls”.  Sometimes he can be found at local racetracks performing pit duties during motorcycle races.